Toscanello is one of the most popular Toscano cigar offerings to date; its success subsequently led to the expansion of the Toscanello family. Half the size of an intero Toscano cigar, Toscanello is perfect for short breaks, making this an ideal little cigar for any time or occasion. Great things come in small packages, so find out why the Toscanello is one of the best selling Toscano cigars.

History of Toscanello

Toscanello has its roots at the end of World War II. In 1948, faced with a surplus of tobacco in a gloomy economic environment, Toscanello was created so people can still afford to smoke their favorite cigars. These mini cigars became the new fashion, as enthusiasts enjoyed the opportunity to share a smoke with a friend - thus its nickname of "Friendship Cigar".

Characteristics of Toscanello

Just because Toscanello comes in a smaller format does not mean it is short in flavor. Predominantly composed of Italian Kentucky tobacco and created with a rapid fermentation process, Toscanello offers a unique, exciting taste. The woody, bold flavor is intensified in Toscanello, which boasts an aroma with notes of toast, fresh earth and aromatic wood. This mild cigar has the flavor and quality you would expect in an Italian cigar, with a character suitable for smoking on any occasion.

Fact Box

Box Contents: 5 Ammezzato Cigars
Type: Half Cheroot
Strength: 3/5 Medium
Taste: Slightly Bitter
Aromas: Fresh Earth, Toast, Aromatic Wood
Pairings: Espresso Coffee, Spirits, Red Wines
Storage Tips: 70% Humidity at 80F (26C)
Wrapper: Italian Kentucky
Filler: Blend of Italian and American Kentucky
Ring Gauge: 34
Release Year: 1948
Manufacturer Location: Cava dei Tirreni, Italy

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